The Galápagos Finch

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About this Project

Scientific sources

The data contained in the Galápagos Finches site are based on the published work of Peter R. Grant, B. Rosemary Grant, and their colleagues, who have studied the Galápagos Finches on Daphne Major for the past three decades. The data on this site are drawn from the findings published in the scientific literature. Means of quantitative features such as weight and other finch measurements reflect the published means and variances. Individual birds were created to construct a simplified dataset, consistent in all respects with the published data, but with fewer data points to make these data more accessible to students. The text of specific field notes is crafted to be consistent with observations reported in the published research literature and in the summary of the Grants' work presented in Jonathan Weiner's The Beak of the Finch.

Curriculum materials

Curriculum materials using the Galápagos Finches for middle school classrooms are part of the IQWST curriculum series (Investigating and Questioning Our World Through Science and Technology). Click here for additional information about IQWST curricula and research.

Funding sources

Funding for The Galápagos Finches has been provided by a grant from the James S. McDonnell Foundation, and by the National Science Foundation under grant ESI-0439493 to the IQWST project at Northwestern University. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of these foundations.

Design & Development Credits

Principal Investigator: Brian J. Reiser
Investigation Environment Design: Iris Tabak
Development Team: Iris Tabak, Bill Sandoval, Franci Steinmuller, Laura Ferguson, T.J. Leone, Richard Leider
This web-based version of Galápagos Finches was developed by Inquirium, LLC.

Photo Credits

Banner: John Jackson & Mary Hughes, by permission.

Introduction: John Jackson, Kenneth D. Bergman. Creative Commons License: Kookr, Carlos XS.

Sidebars: Finch photos: John Jackson. Cactus photos: Kath B.

Finch Profiles: John Jackson.

Ecosystem Buttons: By Permission: John Jackson (Hawk); Alexis Fisher (Cactus & Tribulus); Irene Weisner (Portulaca); Mary Hughes (Island Environment); Kennedy Harris (Chamaesyce). Creative Commons License: Kookr (Finch); Clobrda (Owl).

Ecosystem Images: Special thanks to John Jackson, Stirwise, Kookr, Arkntina, Max Westby, Clobrda, Alexis Fisher, Kath B, Irene Weisner, Forest & Kim Starr, Mary Hughes, Kennedy Harris, Barry Soames. Specific credits are provided in the photo captions.


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