The Galápagos Finch

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Scientific name: Chamaesyce amplexicaulis

Other names: Galápagos Endemic Spurge

Chamaesyce is a small shrub that grows in the arid parts of the Galápagos. It has stems from 3 to 6 mm thick. Flowers grow in bunches joined at the base. The plant contains a sticky sap. Ground finches eat the fruit and seeds of the Chamaesyce. They can eat the fruit whole. These plants turn reddish brown in the dry season.

Chamaesyce amplexicaulis, on Bartolome, Galápagos. (Photo, Kennedy Harris)

Data Collected

Properties of Seeds

Seed Length0.8 mm
Seed Volume0.3 mm
Seed RigiditySoft

Number of Seeds

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