The Galápagos Finch

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The Galápagos Finches

One of the most important kinds of animals found there are the Galápagos finches, also called Darwin's Finches.

For more than 30 years, scientists have been studying the populations of finches and their ecosystem on one very tiny island: Daphne Major. The island is small enough that the scientists have been able to directly observe a large proportion of the birds that live on the island.

Several varieties of Darwin's Finches live in the Galápagos. Shown are 4 of these species: Left to right: Medium ground finch (female), Woodpecker finch (female), Large ground finch (female), Cactus finch (male). (Photos: John Jackson; Kookr, Flickr Creative Commons)

The Island Daphne Major, Galapagos. (Photo, Kenneth D. Bergman)

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