The Galápagos Finch

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Analyze the Scientists' Data

Now you have a chance to work with the scientists' data to construct and defend a scientific explanation to answer these two questions. Here are the resources you can use. Each of these collections of data are accessible from one of the tabs above.

Explore the ecosystem. Find out what plants and animals live on the island. Figure out how the organisms are connected in their food web. Explore the climate variations and changes in the population sizes of the plants and animals through the years.

Analyze finch profiles. Analyze the data on individual finches and see how traits vary in the population.

Examine finch field notes. Examine the observations collected on the behaviors of the finches as they foraged for food, evaded predators, and found mates.

Create comparison graphs. Analyze data by comparing finches from one season to another, or one group of finches to another within the same season.

To help you keep track for your investigation, create your data log. Save key evidence to your data log, and record your interpretations to help you write out the reasoning in your scientific explanation.

Unravel the Mystery

  • Construct a scientific explanation to answer the two research questions: why so many finches are dying, and why are some finches able to survive?
  • Keep track of ideas you had that you were able to rule out. If you can give evidence that shows that another claim does not fit the data, it can help persuade your audience of the claim you try to support.
  • As you make progress, you may wish to compare your explanations with what other students have figured out so far. This site contains a lot of data. Others may have noticed something that can help out your explanation, or that may help you realize a problem with your idea.

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